Wedding Traditions: Carrying the Bride Over the Threshold

Other than showing how strong the man is, why do we follow the old tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold?

There are actually several theories on how this tradition came into being.  One of them is that this followed the abduction of a new bride.  Obviously if you just abducted an eligible woman from the next village, you would have to carry her into your home.

Another reference is for good luck.  It was considered permanent bad luck for a marriage if a bride tripped over the threshold when she first entered her husband’s home.  Thus to preserve the newlywed’s luck, the man would carry the bride over the threshold.

Another reference stated it was considered un-ladylike to want to appear “willing” to give herself to her husband… kind’a like the “hard to get” route of finding a date!  So, to preserve the woman’s dignity, the groom carried the bride over the threshold.

The reason for this tradition has pretty much faded from our memories.  Most now follow this tradition to demonstrate how loving and caring the husband is… and to show how strong he is!  The brides and grooms who celebrate their wedding reception at Woodrow Hall continue to follow many old traditions, even this one!

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