Wedding Traditions: The Kiss!

A kiss has a long history of symbolism.  Who has not heard the phrase: “Sealed with a kiss”?

The tradition of having the bride and groom kiss each other in front of family and friends dates back centuries and has at least two different meanings.  In ancient Rome, a kiss was used to seal a deal or to complete a contract.  In fact, it had legal status!  The Romans also believed that a kiss caused the joining of each other souls as their breath was shared.

Some societies in the old world had a tradition of ensuring that the marriage was actually legal by requiring proof of physical joining. Later the kiss was substituted as the symbol.  It is a public demonstration of the joining of two hearts and souls into a life long relationship.  Interestingly, most of us do not desire to see this “public display of affection” for any but the bride and groom!

This tradition is still a fun one.  If fact, at most weddings, the guests signal their desire to see the bride and groom kiss by clinking their glasses together.

Today, this tradition has also taken on the meaning that the wedding ceremony is complete and that it is time to celebrate!

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