Using Chalkboard at Your Wedding Reception!

One interesting decorative element that we have been using at our Banquet Facility, Woodrow Hall, is chalk!

Let me explain.

Woodrow Hall is a century old building and had a few, let me say, left over items that we found when we started to restore it!  In some of the VERY old bathrooms, very interesting doors provided privacy.  These doors were hand made and had inlaid panels.  But they had to be removed to adhere to the new building codes.  SO… we turned several into chalkboard signs!

The way they were built left them with basically two legs at the bottom.  We added a third on a hinge and viola, we had a tripod sign that can be used by the bride and groom to announce their reception!

We found a large antique frame that had had the old painting removed… so we inserted a piece of plywood with a cream colored chalk board paint.  This welcomes visitors to the reception with whatever the bride and groom choose to say!

We also have several smaller frames that have chalkboard paint in them to tell guests the signature drink that the bride and groom are offering.

You can use chalkboard in a variety of ways at you wedding such as to set up the names for each table

Chalkboard adds a bit of a vintage feel and offers almost limitless possibilities.


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