Some Chances Aren’t Worth Taking

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As a professional wedding planner, it breaks my heart every time I hear of a bride who has chosen not hire a planner. I’ve heard of countless stories of avoidable bad experiences they endured on the one day there is no ‘do-over’.

Many brides assume that the venue event manager or the wedding director at the church will be able to act as their planner. This is a big and sometimes costly mistake. The venue event manager oversees everything they are responsible for only and some venues may even have multiple events going on the same day as your wedding. Ninety percent of the details that go into your wedding are outside of their scope of responsibility. Likewise, the wedding director, aka… “The Church Lady”, is only responsible for the goings and comings of you and your wedding party upon church premises. She is not going to be concerned with making sure everyone has what they need the day of or if the flowers the florist delivered were correct or not. Your planner is your overseer.

To give you a good idea of what a planner can and will do for you, consider the following…

Challenges… during the planning process as well as the day of, challenges or “situations”… if you will… will arise. Wouldn’t you rather rely on your planner to anticipate and correct potential problems than hope and pray that nothing goes wrong on your big day? Your planner will make sure everything arrives on time and complete. If the photographer or limo driver does not show up, your planner should be able to find a replacement for you. Things happen and it will feel like your planner is your fairy godmother.

Valuable Advice… unless you are a distant relative of Emily Post or have twenty-one bridesmaids dresses hanging in your closet, chances are you will need some advice on etiquette, budget guidelines, social traditions and event timing.

Scope Creep… with so much wedding-related information and inspiration available on the net these days, it’s so easy for brides to lose their focus on what’s important to them. A professional wedding planner can help couples zero in on their wedding-day priorities and stay on course by providing specific direction and organization.

The Team…professional wedding planners spend a lot of time getting to know most of the wedding vendors in their area so that they are confident in their recommendations to their clients. They have usually worked alongside these vendors many times and know which vendors will fit their clients’ budgets, styles and most important… their personalities.

Team Captain… essentially everyone involved with your wedding is on your team. This includes all of your vendors (photographer, videographer, florist, caterers, musicians, etc.) but it also includes your entire wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, etc). There is a great deal of coordination that goes into making sure everyone on “the team” knows when to be where and what the game plan will be for the day. Your planner is your team quarterback and having someone running the day will make your vendors happy, make your wedding run smoother and have your family and friends talking about what a wonderful wedding it was!

Gift Yourself… your engagement and wedding day planning should be a time of enjoyment and anticipation for the big day. It should not be month after month of struggling with issues or situations that cause you to forget what it’s really all about. If budget is a concern, don’t let that stop you from hiring a wedding planner. If you cannot go the full-service, start-to-finish planning route, then look at hiring a planner for their ‘day-of’ or ‘month-of’ services.

Your wedding day is in all likely-hood, the biggest party you’ll ever throw in your lifetime. Don’t you want to just show up, get dressed, get married and have fun?

Sharing with you how to Celebrate Your Day… Happy Planning!

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