Wedding Planers: Perhaps the Most Important Decision You Make!

From the results of numerous surveys and personal experience, brides first look for a location for their wedding ceremony and wedding reception and then they look for a dress.  Why?  Because the first two are booked up often more than a year into the future, and the dress sometimes takes a loooong time to find!

 I would propose another key decision every bride should consider is to engage the assistance of a wedding planner.  Weddings are very complex events and involve an enormous investment, more than a typical year’s mortgage payment and perhaps more than a new car!

 It is likely that your wedding day will be considered the most important day of your life… and the simple action of becoming a married woman will change the course of your life forever.

 Because of this, I have offered this space to an experience event planner, Jackie Rowell.  Jackie has over 25 years experience of working in the marketing and public relations industry.  She is a “local”, having graduated from UAB.  She KNOWS Birmingham and has dedicated her life to helping plan important events for individuals and corporations alike. 

 I had the distinct honor of meeting Jackie at a recent Perfect Wedding Guide annual luncheon hosted by Woodrow Hall just a few weeks ago. 

 Tomorrow, Jackie of Rowell Events will be the welcomed highlight of this blog!

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