Wedding Venue Owner Offers Suggestions On How You Can Assure Great Photos of Your Wedding

I suspect that you think it is the photographer’s duty to make the photographs of your wedding great.  That is true, but you can assist!

First, most brides and grooms are quite uptight and that shows in the photos.  Make sure you plan enough time for the photographs.  Nothing like a 3o minute walk to allow you to relax and obtain the romantic, loving shots every bride wants!  If this means taking the photos prior to the actual ceremony, well be it!

Make sure you have everyone arrive on time to the wedding venue or church.  Nothing makes for bad photo session than sending out an APB for a missing relative, best man or bride’s maid!

Give everyone a list of times and places for their photo sessions.  I cannot tell you how many photo are missed of loved ones who left the ceremony to get to the wedding venue and later were not available for a good photo with the bride and groom.  This is a great reason to have both the wedding and ceremony at the same place. (More than half of the wedding receptions hosted at Woodrow Hall also have the actual ceremony at our facility.)

Wear a reasonable amount of makeup!  Plastering on the glue and goo does not make for natural photos!  Have a practice run a month prior to the wedding to see what it will really look like!  A little makeup makes a world of difference but a lot… well lets not go there!

Look at your spouse!  You just were married!  You are in love!  Look at your spouse and the photos will look fantastic!  Especially when you have your first dance!

When you kiss… KISS.  Make it long and passionate!  I cannot tell you how many photos of the kiss were missed because the bride was embarrassed and the kiss lasted only a nanosecond!  This is the one day of your life where the public display of affection is not only accepted it is anticipated and encouraged!

Guys, LISTEN UP!  DO NOT PARTY THE NIGHT BEFORE!  Hangovers do not make for great photos on your wedding day.   And plan to have healthy food available prior to the actual wedding.  A starving bride and groom look stressed!

Make sure you enjoy the party!  Your parents are the actual hosts.  They will make sure each and every guest is treated like royalty.  Your job is to enjoy the day with your new spouse!

Do not worry about looking at the camera.  The photographer will tell you when you need to look.  Just do what is natural.  Look into your father’s eyes and tell him how much you appreciate all he has done for you.  Look at your mother and cry a bit.  It’s ok to be emotional!

Have a wedding planner or special aunt help with all of the tasks.  A wedding is an enormous amount of work.  There are always a lot of details during the actual wedding and reception time that need done.  You CANNOT do it all yourself.  Delegate to the groomsmen, the bridesmaids and friends and relatives.  They will pull through and help!  And you then can enjoy YOUR DAY!

Plan how you will leave the reception.  Do not attempt to take over all the small duties at the end.  Plan the time, have the announcement, have the final dance and grab your spouse and leave!  Your wedding party will take care of all of the last details.

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