Latest Wedding Trend: Eco-Friendly Weddings

According to a number of wedding surveys, one of the latest trends for brides is to have an eco-friendly wedding. Let’s face it, weddings and wedding receptions are not known for being conservative. Guests travel long distances, there are lots of throw away items associated with a wedding including the wedding papers used to wrap gifts, invitations, imported flowers, bottles and cans for beverages and food, drinks that come from overseas; you get it.

Well, some couples are choosing to use a smaller “carbon” footprint and plan an environmentally friendly wedding.

One way is to use recycled materials for your invitations. Numerous printing shops now provide this service. Another is to limit your use of imported foods, flowers and liquids. Instead of using bottled water in your wedding guest baskets, give them a reusable drink container with your name and date. Use local flowers for your bouquets. Support local farmers by using locally produced foods, something that is also catching on at your local grocery stores.

Use domestic beer, wine and other liquors for your alcohol and recycle the glass, plastic and metal containers. Use reusable dishes instead of plastic ware. Centerpieces can use bees wax candles and reusable glass hurricane lamps instead of material that had to be transported long distances and is thrown away the next day.

Have your wedding and reception at the same location. This saves time and driving between the two sites and prevents the need to heat and cool two separate venues.
For favors, give your guests locally grown and made jams and jellies.

The wedding venue can be accented with energy saving LED lights, and turn the lights down low to save energy and to add a romantic look at your venue.

Woodrow Hall is dedicated to being environmentally friendly. Some of our attempts are: turning the temperature at night and weekends after guests leave to a lower energy use, use of compact florescent bulbs in as many of the lights in the building as is possible, using LED accent lights for the decorative touches. We also have a contract for a recycling bin to place the enormous amount of cardboard, glass and other recyclable materials instead of sending them to a landfill.

Being environmentally friendly is not only a new trend at home, brides are also joining in for their wedding plans.


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