The Wedding Reception: Nothing Says Wedding More Than A Beautiful Wedding Cake

The wedding cake has a long history (see previous entry under Wedding Traditions) but never in the past has the cake taken on such an important role. Some brides are actually planning their entire wedding reception around the design of their wedding cake. Cakes come in a variety of flavors and colors. Here are a few!

White cake and icing: This is the most traditional flavor for a wedding cake; some brides are adding a flavored filling like butter-cream raspberry, or other fruit flavor between the layers.

Chocolate cake: Almost everyone LOVES chocolate. Sometimes this is hidden under white frosting for a more traditional look but the more venturesome are actually using chocolate frosting!

Marble cake: This cake type is for those with who cannot decide…why not enjoy both!

Lemon cake: A perfect summer flavor, tart, refreshing and certainly will make people remember YOUR wedding cake

Carrot cake: Nothing speaks of autumn more than a carrot cake. Traditionally a carrot cake has a cream cheese frosting, but for your wedding there are no rules!


Butter-cream Frosting: This is the most popular frosting on wedding cakes simultaneously being both light and rich. Remember that this frosting needs to be refrigerated until the last minute..

Fondant: One of the most elaborate of frosting’s that looks like a sculpture. Some people feel that this frosting looks better than it tastes so you may want to put extra frosting between the layers of the cake to make up for it. This is an excellent frosting for a hot summer wedding.

Royal Icing and Gum Paste: Makes incredible frosting flowers and other delicate decorations. It is pliable and easily molded.

Decorations now are common on cakes and range from fresh flowers to ribbons to intricate frosting carvings and artwork. One trend it to coordinate the bride’s gown and jewelry to the cake decorations. Lace, faux pearls, embroidery, nothing is off limits if you hire a skilled cake decorator.

Remember, you are spending a lot of money on a cake so go to several cake tasting events. It will be a sweet time for you and your fiancé!

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