Woodrow Hall, One of the Premier Birmingham Wedding Venues, Now Offers Lighting to Make Your Wedding Reception “Shine”

How would changing the light at your wedding venue change the mood of your wedding reception? To answer that, think about what a huge role light plays in how a special event is perceived by the guests. Think of a concert you have attended, think back to the spot lights on the performer, the special lighting that danced with the beat of the music. How much different would the event have been if the house florescent lights were the only lights on during the event.

Likewise, think about a romantic dinner and a dimly lit venue with candles. How much different would it be with lights similar to what you would find at a fast food restaurant ?

Because of these observations, many brides are now putting lighting on their wedding planning list. They know that by adding “up-lights”; accent lights of various colors that are placed on the floor, they can accent and color the walls and totally change the “look” of a wedding venue. They have seen how a small focused spot light, called a “pin light” can accent the wedding cake. They also know how stage lights can light up the bridal table so it is the center of attention!

Well, after extended research and discussions with our brides, Woodrow Hall now offers all three of these options. We have more than a dozen modern LED lights that accent our exposed brick walls with bright color. These lights can be programmed to a specific color and can even change color to the beat of the music. By placing these special lights around the room, we can transform what is already a beautiful historic ballroom into a fantastic experience for your guests! These lights do not give off heat and remain cool to the touch, something old accent lights were guilty of. Thus, you can have the really attractive, transformative light without any of the inconvenience or danger.

We also have just purchased a number of “pin lights”. These can be placed around the room on special light brackets and be focused on your cake, a dessert bar, a special photograph, virtually anything you would like to highlight. The light output can also be adjusted for any condition. These really set off the cutting of the cake or a special centerpiece.

Finally, stage lights are now available. Stage lights have been used for decades to light up the actors or master of ceremonies at big events. Well, what is bigger than your wedding? We can light up your bridal table so it is truly the center of the attention for your guests and leave the rest of the room dark if you wish. These lights can also be made to shine a variety of colors. Again, the light output can be adjusted to create the exact look you wish.

Woodrow Hall is pleased to offer these lights to our brides. Lighting can dramatically change your wedding reception. We are delighted to show you how these three lights can be used to create the environment you desire!

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