Woodrow Hall Receives Historic Award from Jefferson County

Woodrow Hall, which contains a large banquet hall and professional offices recently was the subject of an award.   Three local developers, including one of the current owners of this historic venue were awarded the Thomas Jefferson Award from the Historical Commission of Jefferson County for their work at Woodrow Hall.  Woodrow Hall is a century old building that was built by the Freemasons.  It is an all brick building that has stood the test of time with beautiful architecture and windows.

It was “modernized” in the 1970’s with faux wood paneling, shag carpeting and overhead florescent lights.  It fell into disrepair for much of the past quarter century until it was purchased by Community Property Development.

Extensive restoration taking more than twenty man years removed the “modern touches” added in the 70’s and uncovered a beautiful banquet hall and foyer on the third floor that has become a favorite for brides and grooms as well as others wishing to be surrounded by the charm of an old building but the modern amenities that consumers wish like plasma screen TV, LCD projector and modern kitchen an lighting.
The owners and managers are proud of this award and look forward to further restoration of the first floor this spring!

Historic Door Detail

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