Birmingham Wedding: Maid of Honor… What Now!

There are few honors that are higher than being asked to be the maid of honor. This tradition goes back at least a thousand years and has always gone to someone that is very important to the bride.

But, with this honor comes a lot of responsibilities!

The biggest is to ensure that the bride has a wonderful wedding day. You are kind of the MC for the entire event… the glue that holds things together so to speak. Although responsibilities may vary from wedding to wedding, the most important is to be the bride’s confidante and adviser. You may be asked to help her find the perfect gown, select the other bridesmaids and have first dibs at picking the bridesmaid gowns. You will also be involved in holding a shower for the bride and helping with her bachelorette party.

In addition, be prepared to shoulder the following duties:
Assist with the rehearsal or groom’s dinner the night before the wedding
Protect the groom’s ring
Toast the bride and groom at the wedding reception
Assist with keeping the brides maids (and in most cases the grooms men also!) coordinated and organized
Help the bride with dressing, make up, hair and accessories on the wedding day
Witness the signing of the marriage license
Help with the bouquet and veil and train during the wedding and processional
Help with finding the wedding venue
Assist with her selection of the wedding invitations, favors, flowers and decorations
Assist with the bridal registry
Deal with her emotional issues!
Be a shoulder to cry on when things get stressful as they usually do prior to a wedding!

This list may seem ominous but remember, these duties will help cement your friendship with the bride…. And you can always return the favor by asking her to be your Matron of Honor!

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