Birmingham Wedding Reception: Insist on Your Choice for Your Catering Needs!

Woodrow Hall is pleased to provide catering for many of the brides who choose Woodrow Hall for their wedding reception. But, we have learned that some brides want a specific caterer or desire a specific ethnic type of food that we cannot provide. Because brides wish choice, we have decided to allow outside catering. Woodrow Hall is one of the few halls in Birmingham that allows outside caterers. But, the use of an outside caterer is not without a few responsibilities on your part.

First, you must have the caterer assign a Designated Representative who has the authority to make decisions and who agrees to the terms of use of Woodrow Hall. He/She must also be allowed to make decisions on renting needed equipment at the last minute in the event they need them.

Woodrow Hall has a modern kitchen. That kitchen is subject to Health Department rules and we must enforce them or risk loosing our license. We must insist that all food handlers have a permit from the city. We must insist on having the caterer send us a copy of his or her business license, insurance and food handler’s permits at least one week prior to the event. If these are not provided we cannot allow them to enter the building. To remind you of these rules, we will give you a “Caterer Terms and Conditions” form for them to sign.

When using an outside caterer remember that Woodrow Hall does not provide any equipment or supplies unless otherwise arranged. We do have many of the items your caterer usually supplies. Some examples include: glasses, plastic ware, plates, flatware, serving trays, tray stands, busing trays, water pitchers, punch bowls, serving spoons, plates, chafing dishes, platters, serving dishes, etc. If you and your caterer wish to use these items, please let us know so they are made ready. We also do not typically have anyone on hand to assist the caterer in the loading and removing of food and supplies from the caterer’s van.

We caution you to make sure that the caterer has enough people to staff the event. If Woodrow Hall is not catering the event, we will not have “extra” staff on hand to assist if the caterer does not bring enough people to handle the event. We require that they have enough people to do this properly. Typical ratios are: one staff person for every 25 guests.

The outside caterer is required to remove all equipment, supplies and left over food as well as clean up the food preparation and presentation areas at the end of the reception. We also require that they take out the trash at the end of the event. We consider this part of the caterer’s responsibility just as it would be your responsibility if you made food for a dinner at your home.

Again, Woodrow Hall cannot be responsible for property or items left behind. At the end of the event, the kitchen should be “Health Department Inspection” ready or a charge will be added to the bill. Woodrow Hall is also not responsible for any breakage or loss of crystal or dishes by the outside caterer or guests.

If you have any questions about these conditions, please talk to us. Our goal is to make your wedding a dream come true. By carefully coordinating the wedding, reception, catering and the rest of the wedding, we can ensure you can enjoy your special day!

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