Common Birmingham Wedding and Reception Questions: Birmingham Brides Ask, We Answer!

Your Wedding!

Your wedding is the likely seen as most important day of your life!

There are so many decisions and plans to make. Who to invite, who will you have for your brides maids, what will your dress look like, how many people, what type and color of flowers, what should the bride’s maids dresses look like, what type of food, what day of the week, what month, what date … the list goes on and on.

One of the most important decisions is where to have the actual wedding ceremony and reception. For many people this is also the most difficult decisions as it affects so many other decisions and plans.

At Woodrow Hall we understand how important this day is for you, your fiancé and family. We understand you want the most beautiful setting with the proper lighting and atmosphere. You want good food and lots of laughter and joy. You want a setting that reflects the seriousness of the moment but at the same time the need for plenty of fun with friends and relatives.

We also know that your budget is often limited and you need to balance a wide variety of “wants” with the “needs” and the budget. We promise to strive to work with you to provide not only an exceptional building and banquet facility but also meet your budget requirements.

We offer a wide range of services. The total price will vary widely based upon day of week. Other items that affect the total cost are: the number of guests, the complexity of services, the type and amount of food, and decorations. Basically, the least expensive event will be on a weekday, offer light catered food and have no alcohol. But most of you want more than a basic wedding, you want the whole thing! Future blog entries will review many of our services and answer most of the frequently asked questions.


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