Smokeless, Non-drip Candles a Must for Weddings and Wedding Receptions

Every bride envisions a romantic wedding reception with candles. In fact, few decorative elements add more to a wedding than candlelight! But candles create smoke and they often time drip, creating a cleaning nightmare for wedding venues. In fact, many Birmingham wedding venues have banned candles. (Woodrow Hall allows candles but we would appreciate you reading this article!)

Candles are created from paraffin, bee’s wax and vegetable oils. None of these waxes is inherently better or worse than the others but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, none of these specifically lead to dripping or smoke.

Candles use the heat from the wick to melt the combustible wax that then vaporizes and burns. Most smoking results from the wick being too long or from air currents that cause the wax to burn in an incomplete manner. Most candles arrive with a wick that is too long. Also, if a candle drips significantly, the wick can become too long and smoke. To keep candles from smoking, make sure the wick is no longer than ¼ inch in length and trim it if it becomes longer.

Virtually any candle can create smoke if air currents prevent a slow even burn of the wax. Most of these air currents are from the air conditioning systems. In small apartments and homes, regular candles can create a lot of smoke over time. To prevent air currents, place candles into a glass hurricane holder or lantern. This will usually prevent the smoking. If the hurricane is too deep or has too small of a neck, air currents trying to flow into the candle can cause smoking. Raising the candle to a higher level in the hurricane can sometimes help.

Added ingredients such as scents are typically not solid at room temperature and cause the candle to burn with more soot or residue. For a wedding, choose candles with no scent.

Dripping from candles is a second issue. Dripping results from the wax melting faster than it is being burned by the flame. Each formula for a candle melts differently. Candle makers adjust the size of the taper or the size of the wick to make up for the different melting temperatures. Inexpensive candles seem to have more of a problem with dripping. As long as the dripping is going into a closed container, the damage is limited. If it flows over the candle holder onto the linens or into the hurricane, you may be stuck with cleaning costs. Removing wax from linens is time consuming!

Non-drip candles are easily found on the internet but tend to be a little bit more expensive. If you are unsure, purchase a few and burn them under similar conditions that will exist at the wedding venue.

Another way to avoid both of these problems is to use “oil” candles. There are many options and the look is great.

In summary, candles are desirable, but can cause some issues. If you plan appropriately and choose the right candle and candle holder, you can have this romantic touch and not get burned! Woodrow Hall has a stock of drip-less and “smoke free” candles we can provide for your wedding and wedding reception. Ask about them.

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