Historic Details of Woodrow Hall

Historic  Woodrow Hall
Beautiful Roses and Dramatic Space, notice the rose compass on the ceiling pointing to true North

There’s a certain look that I like that represents historic details, timeless construction, which translate to a timeless atmosphere and memorable events.  This design mantra, I believe, has been demonstrated in these great photographers work of Woodrow Hall.  Notice the details…brick, mortar, wood, brass, plaster…space defined by the layers of paint and patina that a newer venue does not have.  My personality has these layers, as do most people.  Onions, with layers pealing back till the just the right feel or flavor has been revealed.  This is what I have tried to achieve in the renovations of Woodrow Hall.  It has taken years of practice, and more years of observation.  London, Paris, Prague, Italy taught me the importance of being rooted in history.  Modernizing a space so that it meets our expectations of modern conveniece, but still reveal the workman’s craft from a yesteryear.  Enjoy some of these photos, as I have had a great pleasure in uncovering them, and rebuilding them, and refinishing them.  Remember that the history of our mother’s and fathers should not be forgotten, translated maybe, but not forgotten.  I get such great contentment out of seeing brides and people experience these objects and spaces and how they relate to them!  One hundred years ago, Woodrow Hall, was one of the hubs of birmingham, three years ago it was fogotten but discovered…today it is enjoyed as a place to commit to your new life, experience friends, and meet new people.  Over the last 2 years, My life has been deeply enriched by the guests, neighbors, coworkers, fundraisers, and friends that have all experienced Woodrow Hall and its great spaces!  Andrew Morrow andrew@renovatebirmingham.com

First Dance

Bench from Early 1900's

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