Setting a Budget for Your Birmingham Album Release Party

An album release is a big deal! It is the culmination of a lot of work. It deserves a great celebration. And, the better the party, the better the overall sales! But to throw a great Album Release Party, there will be costs and you need to be able to meet them. Start by planning a comprehensive budget.

Items that typically need to be budgeted for include:

Swag: t shirts, (figure ~$5 each in small quantities and single color), stickers, free CDs.
Sometimes you can obtain some free gifts in exchange for advertising on you posters, website etc. Talk to local music scene businesses about gift cards, iPod Shuffle, CDs etc

Posters and other print material like business cards, post cards, etc. Post them everywhere you can think. Coffee and sandwich shops, Whole Foods and other similar companies have a place for posters. Don’t forget about local colleges, gyms, clubs, music stores, any place your genre congregates needs a poster. Part of this budget item includes the pay for graphic design person who creates the images.

Press packages with music samples, photos, bio’s, etc.

Photographs. These should be done by a professional. Don’t skimp on this one! Make sure your photographs include individual photos to include in your “bio” page as well as the photo of the complete band. Try different sites and outfits, time of day, lighting, etc. There are plenty of photographers out there that are hungry, talk to them. Many will give another fellow artist a great deal, especially if you give them free tickets to your party and other concerts you are holding! Make sure you obtain digital images with high resolution (large file size) and web sized (low file size) for the multiple uses you will be using them for.

On-line costs such as a web site setup or update to an existing site
Venue costs, stay tuned on how to limit these!
Food: keep it simple, but have something.
Decorations: again, keep them simple. This night should focus on the music, not the table settings and centerpieces! Many event venues have some on hand that you can usually use for a low fee.
Sales assistants: They can be borrowed relatives or paid sales clerks, just make sure you have enough of them to really sell your new album!
DJ for entertaining guests while you mingle
PA rental fees if you or the venue does not have one
PA technician: pay for a good person to control your sound!

Many of these costs can be bartered for. So haggle!

And good luck on your album!

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