Album Release Party at Woodrow Hall: Come Welcome The Delicate Cutters!

In just one week, The Delicate Cutters will hold their Album Release Party at Woodrow Hall!

The following was written by Janet, songwriter for The Delicate Cutters. It tells of her journey in creating their new album. You can see Janet and her band perform in one week on Friday night, June 24th at 8:00


Looking at the Woodrow Hall blog, I see a whole lot about weddings. I can imagine what a great venue this beautiful space is for such an event, but the party I’m planning is not a wedding. It’s similar, in that it took a great deal of planning, that all eyes will be on us that day, that there will be a lot of nervous jitters and carefully chosen dresses and every detail will matter. And, oh yes, there will be celebrating!

This party, planned for June 24th, is our opportunity to share with our community the joy of finally finishing an album we’ve been working on for nearly three years. An album that Skybucket Records has patiently waited for us to finish for nearly two of those years. It’s our second release, and this time, the record is one complete thought rather than a collection of songs.

As the songwriter for Delicate Cutters, I spend a lot of time wringing my hands over how to say things the right way. I am not really saying anything new or different, but I am attempting to say them in a new way by saying them authentically, from me, not as an imitation of something or someone else. In much the same way, when Travis, the owner/label manager of Skybucket and I began talking about the CD release party, it was important to me that debut Some Creatures in a way that was distinctly Delicate Cutters.

When we released We Are Not Lovers in 2005, we had the party in our friend’s loft downtown. It was perfectly intimate playing in someone’s living room and we felt a special connection with the some 70 family and friends who came to celebrate with us. We played two sets in a pared down manner, added in some new songs, showcased songs off the album, and it was all about us.

This time, we’re thinking a little bigger. Birmingham’s music community has evolved to be so driven, interwoven and deeply connected over the last few years. More and more, we are collaborating, cross promoting and pollinating one another’s work. More of us are going on the road. More of us are becoming ambitious with our sound. We are having music festivals downtown to celebrate our scene and invite others to join it.

We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with many of our fellow local musicans. Last Spring, The Green Seed’s R-Tist reached out to Delicate Cutters for permission to sample one of our songs. I’ve never been so flattered as when I heard how they used the track.

With all those things in mind, we’ve decided that the beautiful space at Woodrow Hall, with its high ceilings, dark molding, its curious shape and ties to its history as a Masonic Lodge, made it the perfect place to showcase this new album, Some Creatures, an album all about homesickness and family, couched in the esoteric and ethereal. When you open the album, you’ll see the artwork is filled with old images of my grandmother from the late twenties and early thirties, an era of economic depression and prohibition, of prewar jitters and apocalyptic predictions. It’s a time that is not unlike the time we live in, yet a time I can’t help but to romanticize.

So, we’ve invited The Green Seed to open the show on June 24th. We’re going to pay tribute to the artwork of our album and the space in which we’re performing by playing a little dress-up, and we hope you’ll join us and wear some late prohibition/early depression era frocks. We’ll do our best to honor the album, and perform it start to finish, with maybe a surprise or two thrown in.

We can’t wait for June 24th. When the doors open at 7pm, we hope to see you all there!

As my late grandmother would say,
Be Sweet.

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