Final Tips on How to Host a Smashing Album Release Party!

It is your big day, the release of your album. Here are some final tips in a four part series on how to make your album release party a success!

Invite a big crowd! I cannot say enough about how much more exciting an event is when it is packed with excited people. Obviously you will use the social media such as Face Book and Twitter but don’t forget that a personal invitation to a friend or special attendee sometimes means more if it is in writing. Special invitations can be obtained at little cost and sent to people in the music industry who have a lot of clout such as the local DJs, A&R, bloggers, radio stations, other radio personalities, reporters for the music sections of the local press,. Music store employees, are key. Of course existing fans and anyone of the type who will enjoy your style and genre! And ask your fans to invite friends! Limit your music events prior to and after the party so people come to THIS event!

Posters! Posters! Posters! Call in some favors of a graphic design friend and have him or her create a colorful or dramatic poster. Plaster them everywhere with the date, time location and special instructions for your show. Most coffee shops, and sandwich shops allow these types of posters. Don’t forget the local colleges and gyms. Clubs, music stores, Anyplace your genre congregates needs a poster!

No cover charge! Nothing brings out a crowd than free! That way they will have more money for their drinks and they can invite their impoverished friends! Also, you are likely to make it up on the album sales and this will make the venue more likely to accept the bar tab as their pay in full!

Free gifts during the event! Ask some of the local music scene businesses to pony up some free gifts, perhaps gift cards, an iPod Shuffle, etc. You can exchange free advertising on your poster, think of a sponsorship logo, to pay them back. Free CDs, drawings, free to the first 25 people, a few from the stage during the performance, sell at a discount incentive for bringing additional guests. Also, have a “business card” list of your future performances… perhaps offer a discount on the card! Or you could have a free signature drink at the bar.

Photos and Videos! Take plenty of photos and video if you can coerce a local videographer to come. It does not have to be professional quality, but a good amateur should be able to create a clip good enough for U Tube and FaceBook. My SPace

After Event Buzz! Remember that a successful party will last much longer than the night! You need to plan for it to last as continued Face Book entries, blog entires, music clips on your website and You Tube, photos etc. Your photos of people having a good time will help spread the BUZZ and make it last weeks!

Lighting! Each venue has different lighting. The worst is the “walmart” like overhead florescent lights. Don’t event think of using them! Pick up some “up-lights” and gels, or rent the LED type and set them up. Lighting can turn any place into a spectacular venue!

Opening Act! Invite an opening act that has a following. It should be a similar style and genre and keep it short. Many established bands will help out their younger cousins in the trade.

Your Music! Play your key release several times. And try to play each song twice during the evening. Include songs from previous albums if you have them to reward old fans.

Food! Have a little available. But remember the event is about music. Finger food, easy prep and minimal cleanup are important considerations. No venue wants you to hand out ice cream cones on a hot night as it requires too much cleanup. Keep it simple!

Finally, remember to mingle and talk to your supporters and fans!

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