The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall: An Elegant, Historic, Affordable Wedding Venue for Birmingham Brides

Brides are sometimes left with sticker shock when shopping for a wedding venue. The base price of the venue can be very affordable, but after you add on the linen rentals, special lighting, costs of food and beverages, centerpieces and DJ or band, you have a huge bill! And no matter what your budget, brides want a wedding of their dreams! They want a romantic reception site with lots of charm, great lighting, a clean and neat setting and a wonderful time with their loved ones.

Woodrow Hall has been offering a large venue for almost three years that has become VERY popular with Birmingham brides. But for many it is too large and hence too expensive for them and their dreams are left unanswered. We have seen the disappointment in their eyes and have come up with a solution!

Woodrow Hall is housed in a century old historic building that has been lovingly restored. The main banquet hall and foyer takes up a whole floor of nearly 7000 square feet. It is a really charming, romantic setting for a wedding. But it is BIG. It can seat 200 and still have a dance floor!

Many brides are looking for a more intimate setting for 50-90 people. And they are typically looking to invite that many due to budget concerns as they realize that the price of a wedding is directly proportional to the number of guests. But many of the smaller venues are really not “wedding venues”. They are fire houses or bars or restaurants that offer wedding services, but have other problems that detract from a wedding.

Well, in the original century old Masonic Lodge building where Woodrow Hall is housed was a second event space that has been used more as an office for the past several years awaiting the time and resources to restore it to what it was designed to be; an intimate banquet facility! It has the same high ceilings and large wooden beams, vintage windows and shiny century old floor, but it is a more appropriate size for smaller weddings.

We have furnished it with the Chiavari Chair a beautiful chair that does not need a linen chair cover! These chairs became VERY popular after the famous Jackie Kennedy wedding. We also have handmade “antique tables” that are beautiful enough that you do not need linens for them, saving a considerable amount. Throw in a sound system, a food preparation area, a separate food serving room with serving table and you can have a beautiful wedding for little cost. We also can provide the centerpieces, dramatic programmable “Up-Lights” chaffing dishes, coffee and tea makers for your use, all free of charge. There are a few conditions, but we are offering this for a limited time at a price less than $1000! Come talk to us and we will show you a beautiful venue for a medium size wedding at a very affordable price!

Come look at The Magnolia Room at Woodrow for your intimate wedding!

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