The Perfect Venue For Your Birmingham Album Release Party!

You have just completed your album! The music is perfect after a huge amount of work. The album deserves a great launch!

An album release party is a time to tell your story. The story about you, each band member, how you came up with the idea, theme, who helped, what it means to you and your band… you know what I mean. The album release party is meant to establish connection with the your fans and audience.

The venue is a key element of an album release party. You need just the right place. Venues come in all shapes, sizes and genre. Some have a sterile the feeling; overhead florescent lights, no color or texture. Others have lots of pillars that interfere with seeing the band. Others feel just right! Woodrow Hall has exposed brick walls, high ceilings with wooden beams, great lighting and a wonderful ambiance!

Parking: The venue needs to have plenty of free parking, easy to get to and did I say free parking? Nothing is a bigger turn off to potential attendees than having to drive around a block numerous times. Woodrow Hall has free, on site parking for nearly 150 cars!

Lighting is a key element to any party and an album release party is no different. Dis the overhead lights for up-lights, pin spots and floods. Use color! Consider using lights that beat with the music. Woodrow Hall has a all of the above of lighting options and more!

Food: You should have at least finger food at an album release party. Some venues require you to use their caterer. This may be ok, but it may not be affordable. Woodrow Hall allows you to bring in your own caterer!

Day of week/Time of day: Most venues charge more for Friday and Saturday nights as compared to weekdays. If it is not within your budget, look at other days! Also, some venues have a discounted rate for a very late night on Saturday, especially if they can book an afternoon wedding and have the late evening free. Inquire about this and see what you can work out!

Alcohol: Alcohol is almost a mandate for an album release party. But, an open bar at your expense is not something you are going to be satisfied with! It will be very expensive and some people will abuse it! Consider a token system if you are wishing to offer free alcohol. Hand out the tokens and after that the people can purchase drinks on their own. Another alternative is to just offer beer or wine. These two choices are considerably less expensive than a full bar and can add just the touch! Woodrow Hall can work with you to make this aspect of your album release party come together… just like your album!

As a side note: Most venues in Birmingham have alcohol licenses. That license comes along with a requirement that all alcohol be purchased from the venue; NO BYOB is allowed. This may not be the wish of the venue, but it is the law so please do not ask for the venue to knowingly break the law, they may loose their license!

Size: The whole idea of an album release party is to invite tons of people. You want several hundred if you can. And obviously you need a venue to hold that many. Most local bands will find a venue that can hold 200-350 a perfect space. But, many venues are not capable of handling 300 plus people. Make sure you do your homework and ask around about how many people will turn out. Woodrow Hall can hold 350 people with space left over!

Woodrow Hall would love to host your album release party. We can be quite flexible for weekday bookings and we can even help with marketing and advertising!

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