Birmingham Party Venue Owner Gives Advice on How to Plan For an Adult Birthday Party

Birthday parties are always fun. Having a birthday party at a vintage venue, like Woodrow Hall is even more fun. Here is some advice from a vintage venue owner on how to plan for a birthday party.

Set a Budget
Remember that the cost of most parties be it a wedding or a birthday party is directly related to how many guests are invited. Woodrow Hall can keep your birthday party affordable as we have two banquet halls, one specifically set up for an inexpensive event!

Decide on a Theme
It can be an “over the hill” theme, a 50’s or 60’s or 70’sor 80’s party, or a casino party, luau, Forever Young, Back to School, Tail Gate Party, Super Bowl, or just a drinking party, but a theme makes for a fun starting point.

Pick a Location
There are numerous places in Birmingham for an adult birthday party, but most of them are public and uninvited guests can arrive or just walk in from the other parts of the building. Woodrow Hall has private meeting spaces and a security guard to keep your party well, private!

Plan Activities
This can be as simple as a wine tasting event with a wine expert assisting, name that tune, one of the classic games such as Charades, Two Truths and a Lie, Pictionary or more complicated such as setting up a Murder Mystery event. This gets all of the guests involved as either a victim, the murderer or the investigator.

Pick Invitations
Mail them about three-four weeks in advance. Calling ahead of time to tell people to save-the-date helps in getting a good turnout. One idea for an invitation is to re-create a birth certificate and use it as the invitation!

Select the Menu
This can be as complex as a full meal or just finger food.

Pick a Cake
Order it. If it is a very large cake, make sure you plan to order it months in advance… think wedding cake. If simple, a week or so is usually enough. Think of one of the hobbies of the guest of honor or use your theme to choose a cake theme.

Choose Decorations
Decorations can be as simple as a few centerpieces or as complex as old photos, streamers and extra lighting. Woodrow Hall has a natural appearance that decreases the need for decorations! With great lighting, up lights, centerpieces and other touches, we can save you a lot of effort not to say, money, on decorations

Set Up Music
Whether you choose a band, DJ or just your own I-Pod, a birthday party needs music! Woodrow Hall can provide you with a speaker system for your I-Pod or I-Phone to keep things inexpensive and simple!

Ask friends and family to help with set up and the organization.

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for a free estimate for your birthday party!


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