Christmas Office Party Venue In Birmingham Alabama

Let me start by saying; The venue makes the Christmas party in Birmingham Alabama! Whether it be a family affair, an office party, a special group that gets together, Woodrow Hall has just the place!

Some of my fondest memories are of Christmas parties. Who cannot love the deep green and red decorations along with the thousands of lights and other holiday decorations.

And the food… what can I say. The food at Christmas parties is just awesome! Shrimp, beef bisque, ham, with all of the fixin’s. And how about the sweets! Candy, cakes, cookies, pastries, all add to the enjoyment of the holidays.

But one of the most important parts of a Christmas party is the location. Sure most places can be decorated to look great, but there is nothing like a Norman Rockwell setting for a great Christmas party…. and Woodrow Hall has just that type of setting.

With exposed brick walls, high ceilings, great big beams and a vintage floor, this century old banquet hall just shouts “Christmas Party”. With over 3800 square feet of banquet hall space and 1700 square feet of foyer space, even the largest party can have plenty of space for food, entertainment, music and dancing.

We are now booking Christmas parties in the main ballroom.

In addition we have just opened a second banquet hall. We have named it The Magnolia Room . It has the same high ceilings and distinctive wood moldings but is better suited for the small to medium size group… up to 100 people. It also has hand made “antique” wooden tables, great lighting and a sound system. Gold Chiavari chairs have been added for a festive look. Accent lights top off the decorative elements.

For your Christmas party, call Woodrow Hall at 205-423-4243 to set up a visit and see a truly wonderful restoration of a historic Birmingham building!

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