Factors to Consider in Choosing a Venue for a Birmingham Quinceañera

Dating back almost 2500 years, the Quinceañera is a major milestone in the life of a young lady. It is an event that demands a lot of planning and attention.

Planning should start with setting the exact date. Some people send out save the date notices so friends and family can block off the special day. The next step is to find a venue. The urgency of this in part depends on whether your church offers a banquet hall. If not, the next important thing to remember is that finding a small venue for a few dozen people is relatively easy; there are lots of places that can host an event for 20-30 people. Finding a place for a large party, lets say 150 guests is entirely different and in Birmingham, there are only a handful of venues that can safely hold 300 people or more!

So, if you are planning to invite lots of people, you must plan much further in advance. Remember that venues often book up a year in advance for weddings and other events that have long planning timetables. The earlier you can find your venue the better.

How do you pick the ideal venue? The most important consideration is the service and the people who run the event venue. Are they really interested in seeing your event a success? Are they open to ideas and easy to talk to? Do they understand how important this day is in your life? Are they prepared and experienced in handling the guests? Do they have sufficient parking? Is the venue clean and neat?

Other considerations include: Is the event venue specifically designed for a banquet and dance? Does it have lighting that is conducive to the festivity of the event? Is it large enough for both the tables and chairs and the dance floor? Does it have good acoustics? Does it have an atmosphere that you enjoy? Does it have character?

Are you allowed to decorate it? Are there limitations in the use of candles, and if so, can you find lighting sources that are acceptable? Does it have the ability to project images if you so desire? Does it have the proper number of tables and chairs or will you need to rent them?

Does it allow outside catering or must you purchase the food from their kitchen?

Is the total price affordable?

What things are included in the price? Remember that if they do not include items you need, you will have to purchase them or rent them. These include dishes, flatware, linens, special lighting etc.

Woodrow Hall would love to host your Quinceañera. We know that there are dozens of considerations and compromises you may need to make to choose the perfect venue for your Quinceañera, but having had hundreds of people visit our facility, we have been told that Woodrow Hall offers the best combination of service, ambiance, offerings and cost, making it the best value for a Quinceañera in Birmingham!

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