Planning for a Birmingham Quinceañera: Advice from a Venue Manager

Planning for a Quinceañera should start a year before the 15th birthday IF you are planning a large party. The smaller your invitee list, the later you can start. If you have less than a year, work fast!
12 months:
Set the date
Set a budget
Search for and book a location and do not delay. Put down a refundable deposit to save the date to give you a few days to look for other places.
9 months
Decide on the padrinos, madrinas, damas and chambelanes and ask them for their
Start the guest list
6 months
Start to research the dance list and start to set up a practice schedule
Order your dress and the dresses for the damas
Decide on a menu
Decide on a band or DJ and book it
Hire a photographer
Put together a list of “things” you need to rent or purchase such as centerpieces, linens etc
3-4 months
Start to shop for invitations
Decide on the cake and order it
Choose your accessories and order them
Decide on the tuxedo or other formal wear for the chambelanes and other escorts and order them
Create the program and/or the Mass book for the church ceremony
2 months
Mail the invitations
Set up any hair appointments
1 month
Final fittings for the dresses, call each of the vendors and verify the food, date, time, place etc
10 days
Call the venue and caterer with final list of attendees and seating charts if applicable
Make any signs for the venue or street to direct people to the proper place
Have a final dance practice and make sure all final plans are completed with each of your court and escort choices

The day of your Quinceañera:

Enjoy the results of all of your planning!

Remember that Woodrow Hall can assist with many of these items. We have experienced staff who love to help! Call us for an appointment. We guarantee you will love our wonderful restored banquet halls. Call 205-243-4243 for an appointment or to talk to our Director of Operations!

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