Sorority and Fraternity Party Themes: Ideas From Woodrow Hall Banquet Hall

At Woodrow Hall, we LOVE Sorority and Fraternity Parties! Since opening our doors just over two years ago, Woodrow Hall has become a favorite among the college crowd! And for good reason. We have a vintage facility, a fully restored century old banquet hall with all of the modern touches for a great party or formal. Check out our website for photos and other information.

To aid you in your planning, I have collected a number of ideas for themes for your party. I left out the X rated ones and the ones that require sand, water and foam to preserve our facility!

ABC Party – Party goers must show up in ” Anything But Clothes “. Use your imagination here: duct tape, Plastic bags, towel, cardboard box, foil, rags, etc.
Angels & Devils – A costume mixer. It’s always interesting to see who will dress up as what!
Bikers and Babes – Leather jackets, biker outfits
Black and White party – No color allowed, just black and white
Casino Night – Think Casino Royale!
Club – Make sure the venue can create a club atmosphere and have lots of dancing!
Cops and Robbers – Each couple gets to pick whether they are the cops or the robbers. Robbers are handcuffed together for the night
Cowboys & Indians – Dress up as either a cowboy or Indian at this Party.
Movie Party: Ghost busters, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, you get it
Thrift Store Party – Must wear what you can find at a thrift store!
Graffiti Party – This is where everyone brings a marker and wears white shirts and writes on each other.
Black Light Graffiti Party black light: you can’t really see what is written until you are in the black light.
Luau – Hawaiian shirts, bikinis, grass skirts and drinks served out of coconuts.
Mardi Gras – Use your imagination
Margaritaville/Buffet Bash – Jimmy Buffet/Beach theme.
Sports – Favorite sports team
Super Heroes & Villains – Dress up as your favorite character
Toga Party – Think John Belushi. It has been overplayed but for a reason, it is fun!

No matter what your theme, Woodrow Hall would be a great place for you to gather and have a great night of fun and friendship!

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