Woodrow Hall, A Perfect Venue for a Birmingham Quinceañera

The Quinceañera dates back almost 2500 years! Derived from two words: quince (fifteen) and “anera” (year) this is the most important day of a girl’s life until marriage! Symbolizing the rite of passage into adulthood, it is an elaborate, festive occasion full of symbolism and ritual. With space for up to 350 people, Woodrow Hall would be proud to be a part of your special day!

The Quinceañera dress is the young woman’s first adult dress and marks a change in the girl’s status as a senorita. Other accoutrements’ include the prayer book, the adult rosary or libro y rosario, adult jewery including the ring, exclava, earrings and a religious medal. All of these are meant to remind the young woman of her new status in her community.

The first dance is a special time for the quinceañera. After changing from flat soled shoes to high heels, and accompanied by her damas and chambelanes this practiced waltz is full of emotion for both the young lady and her dad.

After the traditional Mass, holding a Quinceañera at Woodrow Hall will produce everlasting memories. Woodrow Hall has a wonderful ball room with exposed brick walls, high ceilings, large wooden beams, soft lighting and can be accented with lighting that will turn your Quinceañera celebration into a wonderful time for your family and friends! Woodrow Hall also has two stages, one in the front and one in the back so that you can have a head table for the family and a second one for the band or DJ.

We also allow outside caterers and your own decorations.

For celebrations involving less than 125 people, we also have just opened a smaller ballroom which we have named The Magnolia Room that can seat 100 and still leave room for dancing. This room also boasts of soft lighting, high ceilings, “antique” hand made tables and a vintage atmosphere. We have furnished The Magnolia Room with Chiavari Chairs, a standard in high end banquet halls.

Make Woodrow Hall or The Magnolia Room your destination for a memorable Quinceañera! Call 205-243-4243 for more information and to set up a visit!

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