Baby Shower Agenda, Ideas from a Birmingham Venue Manager

What is the best order for the activities at a baby shower? Well, there is no exact formula for the agenda, but the following list gives you an example of when to do each phase of the shower.

Welcome Time: This should last about 10 minutes and allow people to mingle. Think of providing a poster board of baby photos of the mom-to-be or a slide show for those who have the skills to scan in and produce a power point show.

Ice Breakers: There are literally hundreds of games and other ice breakers to allow your guests to get to know each other a bit. Search the internet for a few and give them a try!

Welcome: A formal announcement by the host will begin the formal time of the event. A short story about the couple or the mom-to-be and a sincere thank you for all those attending is a great way to get started.

Eating: There are no rules for food. It can be very informal finger food or a full meal. Let your imagination run wild!

Game Time: You can start the games as people settle down with their meal. Again, there are hundreds of game ideas for baby showers. Pick a few and make sure you have some great prizes to make it really fun for your guests!

Opening Gifts: Gift opening time is a fun time for all. It allows other moms to think back to their first birth and of course the mom-to-be is thinking about how much she appreciates all that the guests are contributing to her and her newborn. Remember that the mom-to-be should prepare a small gift for the host to thank her for the shower. There are no real rules for what this should be. It could be a spa day, or a gift certificate to a nail salon or a decorative piece of glassware.

Good byes: Don’t make the mistake of having a shower last all day. The older women will wear out and need to leave after a few hours. Four hours seems to be about the right time from our experience.

Woodrow Hall has a perfect space for a baby shower. We have just finished restoring a second, century old banquet hall that we call The Magnolia Room. We can make it available for just a few hundred dollars on week nights and Sundays.

It does not need linen table cloths as we have furnished it with hand made antique wooden tables. In addition, we have gold Chiavari chairs that are just perfect for a festive event such as a baby shower. We even provide centerpieces for your use and chaffing dishes to keep your food warm!

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