Birmingham Bachelorette or Bachelor Party: Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Party!

It is traditional for a soon-to-be-married guy or gal to have a bachelor or bachelorette party, hosted by the groomsmen or bridesmaids. Some of these are surprises, others are known in advance. No matter which you are having, if you would like to host this party at a private venue, you need to find the perfect place!

In my mind, the perfect venue for a Bachelor Party or a Bachelorette Party is first and foremost… PRIVATE! No party in my mind should be in a restaurant or bar. Too Many Witnesses!

It also should have plenty of space for all of the partying, a great sound system, lots of on-site parking, easy to find and most of all a discrete staff.

We are not suggesting a party full of debauchery, but no use having your neighbor come up to you a few weeks later to tell you about how they saw you partying at the local hotel, or sports bar!

Is should have a stage for the band or DJ.

It also should be affordable, have easy access to a variety of alcohol packages and have a great atmosphere.

The Venue should be interesting and have a history of hosting parties!

Woodrow Hall is pleased to offer just such a place. This venue has been hosting parties for nearly a century!

Our newly opened Magnolia Room offers a private entrance, lots of space for up to about 100 seated guests, a great sound system, vintage atmosphere with a hundred years of partying experience! Larger parties can be held in the grand ballroom: Woodrow Hall and the associated Foyer, where up to 350 people can easily be hosted for your affair.

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for more information!

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