Birmingham Event Venue Manager Gives Five Steps To Planning a Sweet 16 Party!

How many steps are there in planning a Sweet 16 Party? Not very many!

A Sweet 16 Party can be a simple event if you choose an event venue with the right space and experience. The planning cycle can be as short as a few weeks! The biggest item in the planning step is selecting the location! Weekend events book up long ahead of time because of weddings and other major events. But if you are able to hold your sweet 16 event on a weeknight or Sunday, you will find a lot more venues have space available.

The steps in planning a Sweet 16 party include:

Selecting a venue and finalizing a contract (start early!)
Selecting a menu and caterer or arranging for delivery
Buying and sending invitations (This is an important step as you should have special invitations for this big event!)
Planning decorations: there are whole websites dedicated to packaging various decorations!
Final preparations for the party: Woodrow Hall can perform all of the set up for you!

Remember to start by finding the venue. As far as getting people to attend, since most 16 year-olds do not plan events long into the future, you can typically start to plan about 4-6 weeks prior to the Sweet 16 party.

If you are looking to hold a Sweet 16 party and do not have a lot of time, call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243. We can set up your party in literally just a few days!

And our newest restoration, The Magnolia Room, is perfect for a Sweet 16 party. It has high ceilings, a “vintage feel” with large wooden beams and posts, hand-made tables and Chiavari chairs, a perfect party chair! It can seat ~100 people and still have plenty of space for dancing and games! If you are looking to hold a bigger party, Woodrow Hall’s main ballroom can hold up to 350 people!

Both rooms also have great sound systems for a DJ or for just an I-Pod.
Call 205-243-4243 now to reserve The Magnolia Room or Woodrow Hall!

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