Birmingham Venue Offers Seven Steps to Holding a Fund Raising Event

The end of the year is the busiest time for fund-raising events. In fact, about half of all charitable giving occurs during the year-end holiday season. Part of the reason is that the holiday season is when people are in the giving spirit and they are also planning for their final tax deductions. With the economy being what it is, not-for-profit organizations are hurting. So, in addition to the regular fund raising efforts, many are planning dinner or evening meetings to raise additional money. It is no small wonder that fund-raising planners are flocking to Woodrow Hall for we offer a high value venue for a small amount of money!

So, have a fund raising event! The steps are simple and the cost is low, especially if you choose a weekday, weeknight or Sunday!

Steps in planning a Fund Raising Event

Gather your volunteers and hit the streets
Fund raising events require a LOT of volunteers. There are lots of “things” that need to be done and as the saying goes; lots of hands make for light work! This is also a time to attempt to solicit business sponsorships. And do not forget about the social networks and Internet. Specifically look for someone with website experience to set up your website. Personally meet with every potential volunteer. It is much to easy to turn down a request for help via an email or even mailed invitation.

Organizational Meeting
The meeting will help build a team, allow each of the volunteers to contribute ideas and get excited about the charity for which you are attempting to raise money. Ask each to research ideas and make sure you look at any national affiliates for their input. Take minutes, set goals, build up a detailed assignment or task list with assigned names.

Choose a theme
It could be as simple as a winter carnival, or a casino night, a silent auction, or an entertaining night with a comedian, murder mystery, dance, singing or even karaoke. There are literally hundreds of ideas for a theme!

Set a Budget
The budget should include items such as the cost of the venue, parking lot attendant or security, food and beverages, posters, brochures and postage, decorations, thank you gifts for the volunteers and major sponsors.

Choose a Venue
When choosing a venue, the biggest factor is the cost. But we have a solution! Choose Woodrow Hall. We have two different ballrooms. One will hold up to 350 and the other up to 120 people. Both are housed in a designated Historic Building and have been fully restored. They both have large beams, lots of space and natural beauty.

We offer both of these rooms at a significant discount for designated charities and fund raising events. They can be VERY inexpensive for weekday or weeknight fund raising events.

Set a date
Try not to compete with major competitor activity such as an important local football game, a big convention, etc. Remember that weekends are more expensive as most venues make their profit on weekends and are reluctant to offer a discounted event even for a fund raising event.

Pick a Menu
Fund raising events can vary from finger food all the way to a sit-down meal. Much of this depends on the style of fund raising and the expected dollar amount that is to be raised. The cost of a sit-down dinner can easily approach a hundred dollars per couple with food and beverages.

Woodrow Hall would love to host your fund raising event. Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for a tour and for a free estimate on the use of either of our banquet halls…you will be glad you did!

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