Questions to Ask Before Planning a Sweet 16 Party: Suggestions From A Ballroom Owner

The 16th birthday is a really important event for teenagers in the US. It is a crossing over point in their journey to adulthood. It is the first age when most can legally drive a car, an event that will give them a tremendous amount of freedom!

If you choose to have a Sweet 16 Party, you need to ask a number of questions of yourself to make this truly a day to remember! Woodrow Hall has been a place to celebrate this remarkable time of life for nearly 100 years so we have crafted the following to assist you.

What would your “Dream” Sweet 16 party look like?
What dress would you wear, how would others dress?
Would a vintage venue with exposed brick walls, romantic lighting, great video system, and a really awesome sound system be on your list of important characteristics for a venue?
Would you like to have a slide show with photos of your friends, you and family members showing before or during your party?
Would you like to project movie or video clips during the event?
How many people would you invite to your party?
What type of food would make it a success?
Do you plan to have dancing?
Do you want special lighting for your party?
What color would you like as the theme color for your party?
What type of drinks would you like to have at your party (alcohol is not an option☺)
How long would you like your party to last?
What time would you like your party to start and end?
What day of the week would you like your party to be on?
Would you like your party to be in a public venue like a hotel or a private venue like Woodrow Hall where only one party at a time is held?
Would you like a specific theme for your party? If so, what would it be?
What type of decorations would you like? Examples are: candles, personalized banners, crepe paper streamers, balloons, lanterns, paper lanterns, flowers, gobo projection of your name?
What music would you want played? List specific songs?
How would you like the night to end?

Woodrow Hall is a perfect place for your party. With two historic banquet halls available, it can host parties of ~100 or up to 350. With tall ceilings, massive wood beams, soft lighting, large dance floor, a vintage feel, dance lighting and a great sound system, there is no place that will give you a better party atmosphere!

In particular, the newly restored Magnolia Room is rapidly becoming a favorite for parties. It has hand made tables with gold Chiavari chairs, a chair that we call the Cinderella Chair as it makes every party seem like a magical ball. It can seat up to 100 and still have a sizable dance floor. And best of all, it is VERY affordable!

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for a visit and free estimate!

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