Steps for Hosting a Baby Shower; Tips From A Birmingham Event Venue

How much time does it take to plan a baby shower? Not very long!

A baby shower can be a rather simple event and the planning cycle can be as short as a few weeks! This is especially true if you choose a weekday or a Sunday. Friday and Saturday nights need a much longer planning time as the venues (including Woodrow Hall) start to become booked a year or more in advance by brides and reunions.

Woodrow Hall has just opened up a medium size ballroom which we call The Magnolia Room, that has plenty of availability. We see that it is starting to be an “on-the-spur-of-the-moment”, venue for birthday parties, smaller weddings, parties and showers. In fact, we could probably host a baby shower the same week you call if it is a weekday, weeknight or even a Sunday!

But, even though the lead-time can be short, there are still a number of items to plan for.

They include:
Finding a venue and finalizing a contract (start early!)
Choosing a menu and caterer or arranging for your relatives or guests to bring in food
Buying and sending invitations (off the shelf invitations are immediately available, custom invitations may take weeks to arrive; so plan ahead!)
Choosing and obtaining decorations (We can help here also!)
Setting up for the party: Woodrow Hall can do all of the set up if you wish us to!

So, you see, the largest lead time barrier to a baby shower is the time it takes to find a venue. Since the next most important issue is the actual social calendar for the guests, you can typically start to plan about 4-6 weeks prior, as most people have not made commitments more than a month in advance except for very important family events such as a family wedding or vacation.

If you want to hold a baby shower and do not have a lot of time, call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243. We can put together a party in virtually no time! And, our new banquet hall, The Magnolia Room, is just what you are looking for. It has hand made tables, Chiavari chairs, high ceilings with historic moldings and great lighting! Come by and see it!

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