Timeline for a Baby Shower: Advice From A Birmingham Venue Manager

Most baby showers are held about 4-6 weeks before the expected delivery or a few weeks after the birth. No matter whether it is held before or after the birth, we suggest for your peace of mind to start about 4-6 weeks prior to the date you set.

But remember, the staff at Woodrow Hall can help set up one in a real hurry if you get in a pinch!

The following is a suggested time line for planning a baby shower:

4-6 weeks before the shower
Select a date, time and place
Select a theme or color scheme
Create the guest list
Mail the invitations: include directions
Look for sales and start to purchase decorations, tableware, streamers, other decorations, party favors, etc

3-4 weeks prior to the shower
Create a list of RSVPs and call people who have not responded
Plan the games and arrange for the gifts
Determine the menu and finalize food arrangements or shopping list
Order the cake
Order balloons and other decorations
Find and collect a few fun icebreakers to make sure guests who do not know each other are able to mingle

2 weeks prior to the shower
Finalize guest list
Finalize the decorations
Finalize the games and prizes (make sure you have plenty of pencils!)
Arrange to borrow or purchase large serving dishes, beverage dispensers etc if the venue or caterer is not providing them.

1 week prior to the shower
Double check your list and correct any omissions
Remind all volunteers of their agreed to duties (don’t forget to assign a greeter, photographer, someone to record the gifts and giver, someone to help pick up the wrapping paper after gifts are open, cake cutters, etc)
Buy batteries for the camera or ensure they are charged
Make sure you have enough memory on your camera cards
Verify number of guests with venue and finalize table set-up plan
Wrap favors and prizes
Create name tags

The day before and day of the shower
Prepare the food and cake if you are not purchasing them
Decorate and set up the room(s)
Pick up any balloons
Purchase ice (if not supplied by the venue)


Woodrow Hall has a room that is perfect for a baby shower. It holds about 100 people and has hand made tables, Chiavari chairs and a century’s worth of charm. With wonderful windows and soft lighting, it is perfect!. And it is VERY inexpensive! Call 205-243-4243 for an appointment.

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