Birmingham Venue: Budget Items For Your Anniversary Party

An Anniversary Party is a great way to celebrate a marriage or other anniversary. Woodrow Hall would love to offer you some basic information about how to plan your budget for an anniversary. How to you start?

Start by setting a budget.

The following is a list of budget items for your anniversary party:

Invitations: these are about the least expensive part of the entire evening. You can order custom invitations or just find some generic ones. If you have an artistic bent, make them yourself!

Venue: this is probably the most expensive as most venues charge close to a thousand dollars. If you are planning to invite less than 100 people Woodrow Hall can host your party for hundreds of dollars in a century old banquet hall that has plenty of charm, great historic atmosphere, a great dance floor and all of the modern touches you want in a venue. We can also throw in chaffing dishes, centerpieces and a sound system. And because we have set up the venue for up to 100 people in a seated fashion.

Food: Food costs can range from pizza to a full course sit down dinner. Some anniversary parties actually have the guests bring food to not only save money but to offer a great variety of home cooked options. Since Woodrow Hall does not require you to buy “our food” you make the choice!

Music: You can choose a band or D or if you have a friend or family member that can perform this task, we can provide a top-flight sound system for use with your IPod!

Decorations: Given the historic charm of our two banquet halls, the special lighting, the video projectors and plasma TVs, you do not really need many decorations for your anniversary party. We even have a selection of glass centerpieces that we can provide for you.

Parking: Some venues have no parking. Or they have parking that costs your guests plenty. Woodrow Hall has over 125 parking places right next to the building. And it is free!

That is about it. And if you choose Woodrow Hall, you will even have enough money for gifts!

Call Woodrow Hall now at 205-243-4243 for an appointment or to schedule your anniversary party!

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