Birmingham Venue Offers Bachelorette Party and Bachelor Party Suggestions

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties have a reputation that they do not deserve! In the past they were full of seductive games and activities, lots of alcohol and bad memories. They have even been memorialized by Hollywood in this manner. But, most are actually rather low key events.

The friends of the groom-to-be or the bride-to-be would love to have some special “sending off time” just prior to the wedding. There are lots of ideas to make this time special.

Here are a few:

This event is free for the groom or bride! It is paid for by the attendees or the bridal party members!

It should not offend the bride or groom in any way. That includes the bride for a bachelor party and the groom for the bachelorette party! No one wants to bail out their soon to be spouse because a few of his or her friends got carried away!

They should be fun! There is no rule that a party cannot be fun without sex and booze! Plenty of fun things can be done that are sensible and at the same time amusing… be creative!

All people invited to this party should also be invited to the actual wedding… whether or not they can attend.

These parties SHOULD NOT be the night prior to the wedding! Remember the wedding sets the stage for a marriage. Both the bride and groom are nervous enough. They should not need extra strength Tylenol to get through their wedding day!

The party can be an all day event starting with a sporting event for the groom or a spa day for the bride followed by the actual party at a special venue.

Food should be planned and tasty.

The venue should be interesting.

Entertainment should be modest and non-touching… no reason to give either a memory they are afraid to share with their future spouse.

Take care of “over-the-limit” issues. Provide safe transportation back home. Nothing would create a worse memory for all than an auto accident or a DUI!

Finally, consider inviting the spouse to be! Have the girls hold their party one place and the guys another and then meet up!

This is not necessarily a bad idea. Given that these events can be lots of fun, offer a “late arrival” time for the better-half so both can be reassured that “nothing happened” ☺!

For your bachelor or bachelorette party, call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243!

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