Birmingham Venue Offers Five Steps to Holding a Retirement Party

Given the number of baby boomers entering retirement age (10,000 per day!), it is no small wonder that Woodrow Hall is being asked to host retirement parties! With the economy being what it is, it also is no small wonder that people are flocking to Woodrow Hall for we offer a high value venue for a small amount of money!

A retirement party is a great way to honor a life spent working hard. It also is remarkably easy to hold a retirement party. There are only 5 steps to holding a retirement party. The steps are simple and the cost is low, especially if you choose a weeknight or Sunday!

Steps in planning a retirement party

Set a Budget
Remember that people who are friends and relatives to the retiree are more than willing to pitch in for a party. Ask them for a contribution of $15-20 and you will soon find yourself with enough for the event.

Pick a Theme
The theme can be as simple as the retiree’s favorite baseball or football team, a personal sport such as golf, or a hobby such as hunting. For women it could be a shopping experience. Also think of other themes such as a casino night, Hawaiian night or even a dance night. You can also pick a theme statement such as:

Golf – Teeing up for a Hole In One Retirement
Baseball – A Grand Slam Retirement
Fishing – Reeling in a Great Retirement!’

Woodworking – Crafting a Better Tomorrow
Sailing/Boating – Setting Sail for Peaceful Waters
Traveling – A Whole New World of Wonder Awaits!

Wine Tasting Party – A Vintage Career Ends in a Sweet Result

Choose a Venue
This is easy! Choose Woodrow Hall. We have just opened a new ballroom we call The Magnolia Room, that caters to this size event. With room for about 120 for a mingling crowd or 100 for a seated dinner event, it is very affordable. We specifically designed it as a low cost alternative. We had tables hand made that do not need linens; saving hundreds of dollars in linen rentals. It also has special accent lights that we offer at no charge, saving you decorating budget dollars! We also will provide a choice of centerpieces for each table at a very lost cost, basically enough to cover our labor and cleaning costs along with the cost of the candles, saving you the expense of renting or purchasing them. In addition, we do not require you to use our catering services. You can ask people to bring in potluck dishes!

Set a menu
The food can be as simple as a Pot Luck, or finger food bought from Sam’s Club or as elaborate as a sit down dinner. There is no right or wrong answer for food at a retirement party.

Ask participants to Make Speeches, Toasts and Roasts
This can be a great time for fun! You need to spend some time on these and give the guests a chance to make meaningful memories for all!

Woodrow Hall would love to host your next retirement party. We allow o outside food and have a facility that is perfect for this type and size of event. Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 for a tour and for a free estimate on the use of either of our ballrooms.

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