Birmingham Venue Timetable Tip for Planning a Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is a dinner after the rehearsal for the wedding but it is more than just a dinner, it is a time when two families are given a chance to get to know each other in a festive environment. It is often-time the only time some of these people have met each other.

At a time when the wedding takes center stage, it is also important that this event be given the time to plan it right. Here is a timetable.

4 Months Prior:
Find and book the venue. You can have the dinner at a restaurant or you can choose a private venue; both will cost in-total about the same. But the venue option will give you a private place with no restaurant noise and no one “accidentally” entering your space in search of their meeting or group. Choose a unique venue, perhaps a historic center with lots of character, like Woodrow Hall.

We have a smaller venue that is perfect for Rehearsal Dinners. We call it The Magnolia Room. With gold Chiavari chairs and hand-made tables, that complement the century old atmosphere, it is just what you want to entertain a big family!

Choose the food and negotiate the contracts. Woodrow Hall does not require you to use “our” caterer. This allows you to choose any type of cuisine at a price you choose.

2 Months Prior:
Plan Toasts.
Talk to all those who are planning to give a toast. The father of the groom speaks first as he is generally the host. The next may be either the father of the bride or the best man, your choice. The bride and groom also generally toast the host a well as all of those who have helped make the wedding possible.

One Month Prior:
Mail invitations. They should be sent to the entire wedding party, both sets of parents, step parents, grandparents and siblings of both sides. Some couples invite the out of town guests. This is entirely up to you and the host.

Seating Chart: The parents, bride and groom and perhaps the best man and maid of honor all sit together. Some couples mix up the rest, others keep the families together… it is entirely up to you!
Plan Decorations: Flowers, candles, balloons all are ok. Woodrow Hall has several choices to save you time and money!

One-Week Prior:
Contact all vendors to finalize the arrangements, number of guests and final seating needs.

Woodrow Hall would be delighted to host your Rehearsal Dinner AND… your wedding and reception! With two separate banquet halls, make Woodrow Hall your choice for all three! We have significant discounts available for you if you do! Call 205-243-4243 for more information or to set up a visit.

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