Corporate Events in Birmingham, How to Choose a Perfect Venue

There are literally hundreds of reasons to host a corporate event outside the “office”. From needing extra space, to eliminating the distractions of a busy office and having the full attention of your employees to having a festive professionally run event venue, corporations are constantly looking for a great venue.

Most events are held at hotels and conference centers. But, they all look alike! And, because Wall Street corporations typically own them, their fees are huge.

In my mind a perfect venue has charm, patina, is an interesting place and an atmosphere that is conducive to supporting the corporate objectives. It also is private… not having other events right across the hall from yours where you may be concerned about security of ideas or property.

A great venue also offers plenty of space. Nothing is worse than trying to squeeze 100 people into a space meant for 50!

Plenty of FREE parking is a must! Why reimburse 100 or more employees $10 each for their parking!

Service: Is the event venue dedicating a specific person to your needs and unexpected desires? Does it have the proper equipment available or does it allow you to bring in your own?

Does it allow you to have an outside caterer and other vendors or must you rent all of your needed items from them?

Do you have to pay extra just to have a vendor bring in a microphone and projectors and screen? If so, what is the cost of these extras?

Finally: Will the venue break your budget?

Woodrow Hall will not! Our prices are VERY affordable for daytime as well as night time events.

Why not choose a locally run, historic, restored venue for your next event? Woodrow Hall can be a perfect choice. We have two large meeting rooms. One seats 200 at tables (or more in an auditorium set up) and the other seats 100 at tables. And we have sufficient chairs and tables for 300 people on site. We also have the typical equipment you may need. And plenty of parking. And great service. And plenty of charm. In a historic, restored building built nearly 100 years ago… just minutes from the airport or downtown Birmingham.

Woodrow Hall is delighted to serve your corporate needs! Call 205-243-4243 or email

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