Guide to Choosing the Perfect Birmingham Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue. Part 2 of a Series: 7 Key Questions

The last blog gave a number of the most important steps in choosing a perfect Birmingham wedding venue. The next step in finding and choosing the perfect wedding venue is to ask a LOT of questions.

Questions to ask include:

What comes with the rental fee?
Does this include the parking lot? Are there additional rental charges for the chairs? What about tables? Is there a PA system we can use?

What about Food?
Am I allowed to use “MY” caterer or must I purchase the food from your venue? Most venues have their own catering services and many do not allow outside caterers. This is one way that venues ensure the quality of the food, but it is also a revenue source that enhances their profit. And, they do not have to be the most inexpensive as they do not compete with the general catering groups in your community. You may not mind this arrangement, but you need to know!

What about other services?
For the most part, venues have charges when labor is needed to do something with the space. Most venues have a set up and tear down charge for the chairs and tables. Some venues also have a charge for the cake cutting unless it is part of the caterer’s contract.

Remember that venues rent their space for a variety of events. Many events, such as educational meetings and corporate functions, do not have food. Or if they do have food, it is only available in the foyer, keeping clean up to a minimum. For weddings, since there is plenty of food and drink, and since it is likely that sticky drinks will be spilled and tracked through out the venue, most venues have a clean up fee.

How Many Hours?
Most wedding receptions book an event facility for about 5 hours. If you are having the wedding ceremony along with the reception, tack on another two hours. Venues charge by the hour with some expected basic hour amount as a minimum with a per hour additional. The longer it is, the less per hour it typically becomes. Most of the extra is to cover labor, security etc.

What About Decorations?
Many venues can offer you decorations. Woodrow Hall has a selection of hurricane globes and other centerpieces. We also have some custom made iron and marble cake stands that complement the space as well as show off your wedding cake.

Other Events on the Same Day?
Venues attempt to book several events on Saturdays as there is high demand. Make sure you know how many and when other events are starting as it creates confusion for the incoming guests. Woodrow Hall never has events starting at the same time. We also have separate entrances for the two ball rooms that can be used.

Some venues have parking that is so far away a valet service is mandatory. Others have paid parking or street parking or no parking! Woodrow Hall has loads of parking right adjacent to the building. No walking blocks, no crossing streets, and no valet needed unless you choose to have one for your guests.

Woodrow Hall has become the perfect wedding venue for many brides hoping to have a vintage, historic event venue at a very affordable price. Located just minutes from downtown Birmingham, its restored banquet halls are rapidly booking up for weddings, parties and reunions. Call 205-243-4243 for an appointment today!

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