Guide to Choosing the Perfect Birmingham Wedding Venue: First of a Series

You have chosen the perfect mate, the perfect ring now, how do you find the perfect wedding venue?

First, define what you want your wedding and wedding reception to look like. Do you want a hotel banquet room, a VFW hall, or something more unique, like a historic ballroom? Do you want atmosphere, a great dance floor, romantic lighting, a stage, tradition, elegance, a rich patina? Or would you be willing to settle for florescent lights and carpeted floors?

Do you want to hold both the wedding and reception in the same location? This is an option more than half of all brides are now taking as it saves a LOT of money and makes the entire day go much more smoothly!

Second set a budget. Remember that the hall expense is typically the second most expensive parts of your budget. Food and drink are the biggest expense. Also, be realistic. Remember that banquet halls require an enormous amount of labor to set up and tear down, scrub and polish the floors and this labor makes up the majority of the cost of the venue rental.

Determine the size of your wedding reception.
The more guests you invite, the higher the cost as virtually every cost is proportional to the number of guests. Also, there are fewer banquet facilities capable of holding 200-350 people than 100 people and they charge accordingly.

Research venues on-line starting with the needed size. Call, look up photos and start a notebook. Take notes.

Visit every venue you are considering. And include a few venues that you might not otherwise include so you can get a feel for how they compare. Also, don’t forget to ask a lot of questions… but that is the topic of another conversation!

Woodrow Hall is really a perfect place for your wedding and reception. We have two different ballrooms. With a century of restored charm, all of the modern touches you want and the service you expect, we can make your dream wedding come true. Call 205-243-4243 for a visit or to talk to our manager, Tazmine!

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