Last Minute Advice For Your Alumni Event Spoken By A Birmingham Venue Manager

You have spent months planning an Alumni Event. The BIG day has arrived. These last minute items need to be done to get across the finish line!

Arrive early
Walk through the entire facility
Bring schedule, instructions, contact sheet, all contracts, seating and table charts, name tags, sign in sheets, walkie-talkies, first-aid supplies, camera, pens and tape, paper, extension cords, laser pointer
Check sound and equipment and make sure those manning them know how to use them
Brief your volunteers and thank them for their support privately
Set up the venue
Put out programs, handouts, donation cards, envelopes, etc
Set up your registration table
Plan for the flow of invitees:
Signs directing them to the correct floor/room
Appropriate number of check in sheets alphabetical and by table
Pertinent event information is shared or accessible to all staffers
Greet your speakers, dignitaries, honored guests
Have a suggestion box for your attendees, ask for their advice on the venue, the event and future events
Announce fire exits and rest room locations
Pay final bills

Have Fun!

With two ballrooms and over 10,000 sq feet of space, Woodrow Hall has lots of experience in running successful events. Give us a call (205-243-4243) to discuss your next event!

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