Unless you have helped with a lot of weddings or unless you have been through it before… you will find that planning a wedding is an immense challenge.

A wedding is a coming together of two people and their families and involves integrating tradition, cultures, religion, symbolism and creating a new life together as a couple. A wedding is also a celebration. Just the traditions could fill a book!

This task is something that will take a lot of time and energy, not to mention money. But it can be a rewarding time for the couple and the families involved.

One of the first tasks facing a couple is the task of finding inspiration for their theme. Your inspiration can come from a favorite hobby, a sport, a common love that both of you share, a family tradition, a past experience that gave your life significant meaning, virtually anything.

Some examples:

If you and your fiancé went to a special place on vacation, are there elements that were especially important to your memories of your trip? How about the sea? You could choose sea shells, sea horses (which incidentally mate for life), pink and coral colors, sand candles.

Or if you love the outdoors…you could choose elements from trees, pine cones, acorns, lots of wild flowers, vine wreaths. Shades of green and brown make up your color theme. Candles could be floating in a vase with water and pebbles.

If romantic candles turn you on, pair them with lots of mirrors and low light. Use crystals or crushed glass in the candle-holders. White flowers look great in low light conditions. Gold colors particularly “shine” in candlelight. Dramatic up-lights against the textured walls set off a dreamy atmosphere.

Some brides draw on previous generations for their theme. An antique wedding dress found in your grandmothers cedar chest, with plenty of lace can serve as a source of your theme. Lace and lots of soft colors and fabrics lend themselves to setting the stage for the center pieces. Crystal candle holders bring back the vintage feel of weddings long gone. Coupled with parchment you can recreate a turn of the century wedding theme.

Inspiration can come from virtually anything. Look into your heart for those fond memories of joyous times and you are sure to come up with a theme that makes your wedding unique and memorable!

Woodrow Hall can offer you inspiration. We have a collection of wedding books to pique your inspirational genes! We also have a vintage setting that can adapt to many different styles and color choices. Visit us for inspiration!

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