Guide to the Perfect Birmingham Wedding Venue. Third of a Series: Three Lighting Tips

Lighting is EVERYTHING! Think about the last great sunset you saw. How about fireworks. And your last candlelight dinner. What were the common elements that made them special… LIGHT!

When you plan your wedding reception, think about the lighting. Do you want really overhead florescent lights?… of course not! Think about your lighting as you choose your reception venue or you may be stuck with them!

Do you want dozens of soft candlelights? What about the cake: how do you set it apart? Do you want the walls of the venue to really show off some texture?
Think about how light can add romance, drama and excitement to your wedding.

Lighting can be very complex and expensive, but the management of Woodrow Hall has made it simple.

First, Up-Lighting

Up Lights are used to show off the exposed brick walls and to add a wonderful atmosphere to accent your wedding colors. Woodrow Hall can provide a dozen of more Up-Lights that can be programmed to a number of colors.

Second, Pin Spot Lighting

We suggest this be used to light up the cake. This light can be set up from across the room but it has such a small beam that it can literally make your cake “POP”! It adds a totally new dimension to the room as the cake now stands out instead of hiding in some corner.

Third, Points of Light

These can be candles or small LED lights. Think about having a spray of branches lit up with small LED lights on a large centerpiece. These items can be powered by batteries or electric cords so they can be placed virtually anywhere. Other examples of “points of light” are an entire wall of small LED lights that hang from above. They add an especially festive atmosphere for a late night wedding reception.

When you plan your wedding reception, ask about lighting. Woodrow Hall has planned for your lighting needs and can save you hundreds of dollars in rental and set up fees. We can provide a variety of flood, spot and Up-Lights to make your wedding shine!

Call Woodrow Hall (205-243-4243) for a free estimate. We can serve a wedding for up to 350 people. And if you plan for about 100 guests, we have just opened a second smaller, very affordable banquet hall that is perfect for this size! It has Chiavari chairs and wonderful lighting options.

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