Part 5, Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Venue Offers Ideas, Monograms

Monograms have long been a form of identification that uses the letters of a person’s name or organization. They were an original form of currency when the initials of a ruler or governor were placed on a coin. This very personal identification was also used on royal banners, Coat of Arms, armor, weaponry and other important items.

Monograms can be both simple and beautiful and can come in an almost infinite variety. They can vary from a block type font to calligraphy and everything in between! They can contain graphic elements, swirls, an object or image … just about anything. They can be elegant, modern, classic or even fun. They are gaining in popularity as a way to demonstrate personal style.

Monograms are a popular wedding element. Many couples are designing custom monograms as a way of celebrating their wedding. Computer programs can do the work for you or you can use a scanned in version of a free-hand drawing as your monogram.

Microsoft Word can be used to create a monogram. Specific step by step instructions are available at:

Another method is to download a free software set. Many of these are available and are useful in either a limited fashion of for a short period as a way to entice you to purchase the more advanced program. A sampling of these are available at this URL:

You can also hire an artist to create an even more complex or beautiful monogram. Once done, you can use the digital version of the monogram to have cards printed, wedding invitations, save the date notifications, gobo lighting blanks for your reception, towels, virtually anything!

The convention for creating the monogram is to use the first initial of the man’s first name, the last name and then the first initial of the women’s first name.

Your unique monogram is a way to grace many of the items related to your wedding! SOme brides use a gobo, a projector like device that projects your monogram on the wall, floor, ceiling or drapery adding a custom look to any reception.

Woodrow Hall would love to see your monograms at our historic event venue. We now have two separate ballrooms that can handle up to 350 guests. Call 205-243-4243 for a discussion or to schedule a visit!

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