Birmingham’s Perfect Wedding Venue’s Guide to Your Perfect Wedding: Thoughts on Invitations

In days long gone, invitations were hand written on parchment in calligraphy and delivered by hand by a white-gloved delivery man to the lord of the house. Fast forward a few hundred years and pretty much anything goes!

Of course formal engraved invitations with two envelopes and hand calligraphy for the address are still very common, but our family recently received a post card invitation with photos of the happy couple on one side and the date and time on the other.

Some brides are even using e-invites!

Remember this is your wedding and you can do what you see fit. Your grandmother may raise her eyebrows and talk about the “good “ole days” but if she is hip, she will see the wisdom of your individualism!

All that being said, there are tons of options for wedding invitations. A majority of brides still have a commercial printer (either local or via the internet) print their “engraved” invitations, but more and more are choosing other options. Given the technology available in virtually every household, you can even print your own. And the money you save can go to your honeymoon!

If you do plan a “DIY” approach, do your homework and be creative. Do plan ahead and make sure if you print your own that you choose high quality card stock and either purchase matching envelopes at the same time or choose a contrasting color. Remember that there is no standard “cream” or “ivory” and if you plan to purchase from two different sources, the colors are almost certain to be different.

Also, a small but important fact. The US Postal Service does not like square envelopes! They are very difficult on the computerized reading devices at the sorting centers AND the postage is going to cost you a LOT more; roughly a dollar per envelop more! Check out the prices and you will see why this option needs a lot of consideration if you are dead set on a square invitation!

We would LOVE to see Woodrow Hall printed on your invitation. If you book your wedding with us between now and January 1st and bring in a printed copy of this blog, we will give you a $100 discount on your venue rental fee!

Call Woodrow Hall at 205-243-4243 to set up an appointment to see our historic event venue.

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