Guide to a Perfect Wedding: Advice From a Birmingham Venue on Budgeting

Your wedding is probably going to be the most important day of your life. It demands a lot of time and effort to plan it. And it will cost a lot of money! More money than you will ever spend again in your life for a single celebration… that is until you pay for your children’s wedding!

It is easy to get carried away when you are trying to live a life long dream in one day. But getting carried away is going to cost you a lot in stress and potentially cripple your first years of marriage. So, to ensure your wedding is relatively stress free and to be able to pay for your housing… you need to set a budget.
Weddings typically cost thousands of dollars. They involve a lot of individual costs, but there are some typical budget numbers that hold true.

The different “buckets” are:

Wedding reception: 50%
Photography: 10%
Music: 10%
Wedding Attire: 10%
Flowers: 10%
Stationary: 6%
Other 4%

You should set a relative budget for the wedding but be realistic. You cannot budget $1000 for your caterer for 200 guests unless you plan to serve a “Happy Meal”! Likewise a full, open bar for 150 adults of drinking age cannot be done for less than $3000. And renting a high end venue is not possible in Birmingham for less than $1000 unless you choose a community center and even then you will spend a fortune to decorate it if during the weekdays it serves as a basket ball court!

Although there are a thousand ways to have an affordable wedding, remember that most costs for a wedding are directly related to the number of guests. So plan accordingly. If you want a big wedding, expect to pay a big price or you will need to make compromises on the food, venue and entertainment. And most importantly, the day is a celebration of your love and commitment to one another and a way to have your loved ones celebrate the start of a new life together.

Woodrow Hall would love to help you plan your wedding. We are experts at helping couples meet their budget and have developed innovative ways to make the wedding of your dreams elegant, romantic, memorable… and affordable!

Call 205-243-4243 or email VintageRomance@WoodrowHall to set up a visit or just to talk!

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