Birmingham’s Perfect Wedding Venue’s Guide to Your Wedding: Centerpieces

Although most weddings still have a LOT of flowers, we do see more and more weddings using creative alternatives to replace least a portion of their previous flower purchases.

Of course one of the most favored alternative is a candle in a lovely vase. And don’t think of just candles, many brides are opting for the oil candles that are inexpensive and do not leave you with the extra costs of removing wax from the linens! Lanterns are also popular and prevent the wax issue from being a problem.

Perfect Wedding Venue for Small Weddings, Woodrow Hall

The Magnolia Room at Woodrow Hall can easily seat about 100 people. Gold Chiavari chairs are standard with this room along with hand made tables and custom window treatments. This banquet hall is also very affordable!

Organic materials such as pine cones, reeds, tree branches, acorns, nuts, leaves and other tree materials, especially if sprayed with silver or gold paint and arranged in tall glass vases offer you a very inexpensive home made alternative that can be made weeks ahead of time, unlike flowers. Since most brides cannot prepare fresh flowers the day before their wedding, this alternative lends itself to a DIY approach.

Remember that dry organic material and flames do not mix well so do not plan to use candles with these options in the same vase!

Coffee Beans are a great way to create a delicious aroma and a centerpiece combined! They can be placed in a glass vase and a candle used with them or even fill the base with a little water and use a single large flower for a unique look.

Fruit and vegetables are available in a huge assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. These can also double as favors for the guests to take home if left whole. A new way to have a “green” wedding!

Also, if you combine a mirror with a small centerpiece you can create an endless variety of alternatives to flowers and have a look and feel that fits your style!

Woodrow Hall is a wonderful alternative to a church for your wedding ceremony. In addition to holding your reception at Woodrow Hall, we host wedding ceremonies also. This is becoming a rather common occurrence as many couples do not have a “home church” or there are religious differences that preclude the use of a church.

We have mastered the transition from audience seating to banquet seating with a short intermission that allows the couple to have time for photos and the guests to have cocktails and other refreshments in our large foyer.
Call 205-243-4243 to visit our unique, historic venue!

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