A Birmingham Venue’s Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Hottest 2012 Trends: Part 2

The last blog introduced some of the top wedding trends for 2012… this entry adds 5 more, including wedding dress trends!

Trend Number 6: Bridal Dress; Illusion is IN!
A big trend on the wedding dress runways shows a delicate and sometimes embellished layer of sheer fabric covering the neckline and back, areas that in prior years were VERY exposed! This is a much more romantic and thus enticing approach to the most important fashion element in the wedding.

Trend Number 7: The Blush Dress
Non-white and non-ivory dresses have not been the norm. For a few years now we have been seeing ever the slightest bit of color; be it a hint of silver or blue or even lilac. The latest fashion runways have shown dozens of pink shades now made popular by Reese Witherspoon. Expect to see more of these at the bridal dress stores this coming season! Along with this expect to see more lace sleeves!

Trend Number 8: Smaller More Intimate Weddings
The 1000 guest wedding is becoming a thing of the past this year. Probably due in part to the enormous cost, expect to see more weddings in the 75-200 guest range this year. Woodrow Hall has two banquet halls that fit just this range!

Trend Number 9: DIY is IN!
For a variety of reasons from the economy to access to wonderful computer technology, expect to see more hand-crafted and custom designed accoutrements to weddings in 2012! Don’t plan the entire wedding around a DIY approach, but think of calligraphy for the invitations and custom designed computer printed “vintage” place cards or hand made centerpieces. Woodrow Hall can assist by providing a variety of “glass” centerpieces for you to embellish with flowers, candles or other decorative elements.

Trend Number 10: Variety in Centerpieces
Coordinating a variety of centerpieces is a secondary trend in the DIY theme. Using different sizes of centerpieces, mixing round and square vases, or different materials is a great way to personalize your reception. Unique fillers or similar colored flowers allow you to bring together the variety into a uniform theme.

Woodrow Hall would LOVE to assist you in planning a unique, personalized wedding at an affordable price. Envision yourself surrounded by exposed brick, vintage touches such as hand painted signs, custom accessories and large wooden ceiling beams with elegant lighting… Envision a Woodrow Hall Wedding!

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