Guide to the Perfect Wedding; Reception Advice from a Birmingham Venue

So, you have just been announced as husband and wife… what now. No matter if you are heading away for photos first or staying around for a few minutes, it is important to have a receiving line. This is perhaps the only time you will be able to talk briefly to each guest.

Remember that your guests want to wish you well and congratulate you on a wonderful ceremony, but once the reception starts, it gets increasingly difficult to actually talk, even briefly, with a guest. And many guests will not want to “bother” you as they know how busy your next few hours will be.

So, make sure you have a few extra minutes built into the timetable to have a receiving line. The proper time can be at the end of the ceremony, after photographs and prior to the reception or even between the dinner and cake. Some couples include the entire wedding party, others just the parents and themselves. What ever you decide is fine as there are no real rules for the inclusion of the rest of the bridal party.

Make sure there is space for the people to move on to the next destination whether it be the reception or another room or even the parking lot if you need to move to a reception hall.

A time to greet each guest will give you fond memories and help you to connect with each of your cherished friends and relatives in what is otherwise a very hectic day!

Woodrow Hall has the perfect place for your receiving line. In our century old banquet hall, we have a large foyer that is perfect to meet and greet your guests as they make their way to refreshments and drinks or to the main ballroom. We would be delighted to help you create the memories of your dreams at our historic Birmingham venue!

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