Guide to the Perfect Wedding: Birmingham Wedding Venue Lists Major Errors in Wedding Planning

Every bride recognizes that planning a wedding is a daunting task. No wedding is perfect, and most brides make a few mistakes. Woodrow Hall would like to offer a few suggestions on some of the biggest things to avoid!

1.) Budgeting. Weddings are costly. Remember that many costs come due near the actual date of the wedding. To avoid having to go into last minute debt, keep a running list of your expenses and when they are due so you can plan accordingly. Of course you can splurge on a few things here and there, but remember to keep track of them!

2.) Choosing a venue. First, there is no PERFECT venue. We at Woodrow Hall have attempted to create a perfect venue, but remember that perfection is in the eye of the bride and each bride has a difference impression of what perfect is! Once you have discovered a “near perfect” venue, book it! Most venues will not hold a date for more than a few days unless you place a deposit. While a bride is investigating one last venue, many a bride has called back to the “near perfect” one only to find it has been booked!

3.) Waiting to order your dress. After the venue, the next biggest item to plan for is your dress. Virtually every dress even if “off the rack” will require customization… and that takes time. If you cannot find an “off the rack” dress, a custom made dress will take months; sometimes nearly a year for manufacture and shipping as most are not made in the US.

4.) Flying Solo. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and requires literally thousands of judgments and decisions. Ask for help! Friends and relatives would love to help as long as you can define their role so they can plan adequate time. Break up the tasks and delegate. There is an old saying: Lots of hands make light work”!

5.) Inadequate postage on your invitations. Make sure you personally take your invitations to the post office. DO NOT GUESS on postage. Some shapes (square for instance) require a lot of extra postage! Just weighing and placing postage on your wedding invitation without asking the postmaster the proper postage can make this aspect of wedding planning a disaster!

6.) Inviting too many guests. If your invitation list is long, make sure the venue can seat them all. If your venue tells you they can seat 200, don’t invite 350 hoping that just 200 accept! Make sure you know the occupancy allowed at your venue.

7.) Hotel rooms. During busy seasons, hotel rooms in some places become very scarce. Remember that if you plan your wedding during Talladega, your guests may be sleeping on your couch!

8.) Last minute crash diets, beauty treatments and tanning: DON’T! Did we tell you about the poor girl who fell asleep at the tanning bed or outside under the bright sun…. not pretty! A sun burn is not only hard to cover up with make up, it can really mess up a honeymoon!

9.) Forgetting your marriage license rules. Remember to very carefully read the rules for your marriage license! Waiting one day too long or forgetting until the last minute can result in long lines and potentially a really messy situation!

Finally… what is the most important part of wedding planning? Your marriage! Remember you are planning a marriage, not a wedding! Many a bride and groom open themselves up to so much stress that getting married is no longer fun, it is something to get through! Spend time together and medicate on what your commitment means! There are lots of sticky issues you will be dealing with and you will inevitably have some disagreements with either each other or other family members on how to handle them. Remember to be flexible and forgive each other for the problems that occur and your marriage will get off to a great start!

Woodrow Hall is a “near perfect” venue for your wedding! With its exposed brick walls, historic nature and patina, wonderful century old detail, it will make your wedding a dream come true.

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